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Delft University of Technology passes another institutional audit

In the new Teaching Lab of Delft University of Technology, NVAO Chair Anne Flierman hands Vice-President of Education and Operations at Delft University of Technology Anka Mulder a positive institutional audit decision once more.

Anka Mulder, Vice-President of Education and Operations at Delft University of Technology, received on 7 September 2017 a positive institutional audit decision from NVAO Chair Anne Flierman. This makes Delft University of Technology the first Dutch university to undergo and immediately pass the second round of this institution-level quality assessment.

The second round of institutional audit assessments commenced in May 2017. This round is focused on assessing the resilience of the universities’ quality assurance systems and the associated procedures, and whether the universities have realised a sustainable quality culture. A positive judgement on all the standards endorses confidence in the universities.

The advisory report compiled by the independent NVAO panel, composed of international experts, acknowledges the strong quality culture in place within Delft University of Technology: “The university has a strong quality culture; its quality assurance system is not an end in itself, but a means to emphasise this quality culture. The panel is impressed by the convincing way in which TU Delft has shown to be in charge of educational quality assurance.” According to the panel, Delft University of Technology has committed to providing high-quality education: “The university has an impressive accreditation record with all bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes being assessed with a positive result in the period under review.”

Impressive track record

NVAO endorses the outcomes of the peer review. NVAO Chair Anne Flierman is pleased with the efforts the university has expended over the past six years: “Delft University of Technology is a research university with increasing attention to innovative education. Its views of education and the quality thereof enhance the university profile; its views are supported by its stakeholders and are student-oriented. This ties in with the European guidelines. The assessment panel has concluded that the university’s internal quality assurance system meets all the criteria of our assessment framework. This demonstrates that Delft University of Technology sets great store by quality, and has implemented the pursuit of quality down to the very capillaries of the university. This is confirmed by the positive accreditations of all its bachelor’s and master’s programmes over the past six years. Such a track record of successful programme accreditations is impressive. Delft University of Technology would certainly qualify for institutional accreditation, if this existed in the Netherlands.”

Anka Mulder appreciates the recognition received from NVAO regarding both the bottom-up and top-down ways in which Delft University of Technology monitors and improves its educational quality. A next step involves the Teaching Lab, that will be opened later this month. This provides teachers with even more room to work on the innovation of their classes, supported by technological resources and expert staff.

Growing number of students

Delft University of Technology regards the growing number of students as a point for attention, as do the panel and NVAO. In the past six years, enrolment has risen from 17,031 students in 2010 to 21,758 in 2016. Delft University of Technology is faced with the challenge of perpetuating its high-quality education in the near future.