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Research master's programmes

Research master's programmes are scientific master's programmes that specifically aim to prepare students for doing research in a PhD or other research-related function. The programmes have a legal study duration of 120 EC, on the basis of article 7.4a, fifth paragraph, of the Higher Education Act (WHW).


The NVAO covers the assessment for an existing research master's programme within three months and for a new research master's programme within six months. Upon receipt of the draft decision by the NVAO, the institution may appeal (see below). 


The main documents are presented on the right side of this page.

Submitting applications


In 2019 NVAO rates 850 euros for the assessment of an existing research master's programme (accreditation) and 18,700 euros for a new research master's programme. 

Different rates apply to different procedures. The cost for foreign visits or the use of external experts, advice or additional requirements are additional invoiced. There is a rest rate if the request for a new institutional audit is hereby repealed.

More information

NVAO Contact: Thomas de Bruijn, policy advisor Department The Netherlands