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Accreditation (programme assessment)

The existing programmes of Dutch colleges and universities are accredited via visitation groups. Herefore every year 1 May and 1 November are used as fixed deadlines for accreditation requests.

NVAO's assessment takes place via a "limited accreditation" or "extended accreditation" (see Frameworks/documents). If the institution has applied for the institutional audit, the programmes are assessed through "limited accreditation".

At the accreditation of a programme from a university of applied sciences, NVAO checks also if the used degree fits with the content of the programme and matches the usual titles (WHW, article 5a.2, paragraph 2a, b).


For the (limited and extensive) programme assessment the institution shall inform the visitation panel together, designates a by NVAO trained Secretary and submit the composition of the panel prior to the visitation to NVAO for approval. The institution may hire an quality assessment agency for this work. The Chair has followed a NVAO-training.


With entering the Law 'Accreditatie op maat' on February 1, 2019 the accreditation passes through. The institution asks NVAO once every six years to decide whether the accreditation may be retained on the basis of a report by an independent panel of experts. NVAO may decide to issue a positive decision "under conditions" of up to two years.

NVAO covers the programme assessment within three months. Upon receipt of the draft decision by NVAO, the institution may appeal (see below).


The main documents are presented on the right side of this page. 

Submitting applications

  • for programmes in visitation groups fixed deadlines are used for accreditation requests: 1 May and 1 November each year
  • via email address (max. 30 Mb)
  • + by email 2 copies of the application dossier


In 2019 NVAO rates 850 euros for a programme assessment (accreditation) (ditto after accreditation for limited duration). 

Different rates apply to different procedures. The cost for foreign visits or the use of external experts, advice or additional requirements are additional invoiced. There is a rest rate if the request for a new institutional audit is hereby repealed.

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