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Recognition of new institutions

A higher education institute only qualifies for registration by the Flemish government if at least one of its programmes has passed the NVAO initial accreditation procedure. Foreign institutions must have been recognised by the competent government of the country in which its principal seat is located. The institution must be able to demonstrate this to NVAO upon submitting its application for initial accreditation.

Following a positive initial accreditation decision, the applicant institution must demonstrate, by means of a registration dossier to be submitted to the Flemish government, that it possesses:

  1. an administrative structure which is sufficiently substantiated in terms of organisation to enable the students enrolled to complete their programme;
  2. a financial structure that enables the students enrolled to complete their programme;
  3. an infrastructure which is sufficiently geared to providing higher education.

In addition, the registration dossier shall comprise, as a minimum:

  1. the bylaws of the institution;
  2. a description of the administrative structure;
  3. a financial plan;
  4. an agreement with another domestic or foreign institution which has been recognised by the respective government for the provision of higher education, and which can provide the programme concerned. This agreement shall pertain to the manner in which the students enrolled may complete their programme.

The Flemish government will decide on the registration within a term of thirty calendar days, to commence on the day following receipt of the NVAO assessment report. The decision will take effect upon its notification to the institution.

All recognised institutions will be listed on the Higher Education Register (HOR). NVAO will be notified upon registration. The registration will lapse according to law if the institution fails to provide any accredited or new programme for a period of two years.

More information

Contact: Axel Aerden, policy advisor