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Qualifications Framework Flanders

The national qualification frameworks (NQFs) set out the degrees and diplomas that may be earned within the higher education system of the respective countries. The European qualification framework for the European Higher Education Area has been drawn up in order to enable inter-comparison of the national frameworks. The Flemish higher education qualification framework has been declared compatible with the over-arching European qualification framework (see Frameworks / documents).

Just like the European framework, the higher education qualifications in Flanders cover three levels, viz. bachelor´s programmes, master´s programmes, and doctorates (cf. website on the Flemish qualification structure).

The qualifications and the ensuing demonstrable educational achievements are geared to the well-known Dublin Descriptors (see Frameworks / documents) that set out the educational output of each cycle in terms of knowledge, skills, and competences, thus enhancing the national and international comparability of the higher education system.


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