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Executive Board of NVAO

The Chair and up to four other members of the Board form the Executive Board. The Executive Board carries out the daily management of the organisation and is accountable to the Board.

Composition Executive Board of NVAO

- dr. A.H. (Anne) Flierman (Chair, The Netherlands)
- Vice Chair (Flanders) (vacancy)
- dr. M.J.J. (Marc) Luwel (Flanders)
- drs. R.P. (Paul) Zevenbergen (The Netherlands)


Mrs Sandra Louwersheimer (Verreth, Luwel, T +31 70 312 2315)
Mrs Nuray Özgan (Zevenbergen T +31 70 312 2353) 
Mrs Magriet Veenstra (Flierman T +31 70 312 2304)