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Board of NVAO

The Dutch and Flemish members of the Board of NVAO are appointed for a four-year term by the Committee of Ministers (the Dutch and Flemish Ministers responsible for higher education). They are expert in the fields of higher education, the professional practice of higher education, scientific research or quality assurance.

Composition Board of NVAO

The Board consists of up to fifteen members:
- dr. A.H. (Anne) Flierman (Chair, member Executive Board, The Netherlands)
- Vice Chair (Flanders) (vacancy)
- em. prof. dr. L. (Ludo) Beheydt (Flanders)
- prof. dr. S.E. (Simone) Buitendijk (The Netherlands)
- R. (Rudi) D'Hauwers (Flanders)
- lic. M. (Mia) De Schamphelaere (Flanders)
- dr. M.J.J. (Marc) Luwel (member Executive Board, Flanders)
- lic. B. (Bart) Maes (Flanders)
- T. (Truus) Omta (The Netherlands)
- J.A. (Jet) Rip PhD (Nederland)
- drs. P.M. (Paul) van Roon (The Netherlands)
- drs. Jasper Tuijtel (The Netherlands)
- dr. Lieteke van Vucht Tijssen (The Netherlands)
- drs. R.P. (Paul) Zevenbergen (member Executive Board, The Netherlands)

The Board of NVAO focuses on the strategic policy of the organization, the development of the Dutch and Flemish quality management systems and the resulting assessment frameworks, reports on reviews of groups of institutions or programmes, the adoption of the budget and the annual accounts, appeals and advice to the Ministers of Education. The day-to-day management of the organization is mandated to the Executive Board and the Management Team of NVAO.


Mrs Magriet Veenstra (T +31 70 312 2304)