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The quality assurance and accreditation systems in the Netherlands and Flanders include quality assessments  based on peer review. Systems thereby rely on the (specific and independent) expertise of the members of audit or assesment panels.


In Flanders higher education institutions can use quality assurance agencies for their assesment procedures. For the assesment of statutory registerd institutions VLUHR-KZ composes the assesment panels.

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Contact: Pieter Caris, policy advisor (FL)

The Netherlands

The accreditation system of the Netherlands comprises assessments on a peer review basis. To conduct the assessments, the system calls on the (specific and independent) expertise of the panel members. Panel members must be authoritative and perceived as such by the programmes. This enables peer discussions on the quality of the education provided.

Existing and new programmes provided by research universities and universities of applied sciences are reviewed by assessment panels. The members of such panels are independent and expert in the discipline concerned, in education, the professional field, assessment aspects, and in student issues. In addition, the panels command international expertise and experience.

The NVAO requirements regarding panel compositions ensue from the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (European Standards and Guidelines, ESG), and are formulated in the spirit of the requirements set at the European level for such panels in higher education.

Applications regarding the assessment of proposed panel compositions must be submitted three months prior to the first site visit by the panel. In principle, NVAO will assess an application with a proposal for a panel composition within one (1) month.  There is no charge for the assessment of proposed panel compositions. NVAO may request further information, and if need be request adjustments to the panel composition.

More information

See Panel The Netherlands on the right-hand side of this page with Composition Justification Form and Q&A).
Contact: Maya de Waal, policy advisor and panel compositions coordinator (NL)