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NVAO exchanges ideas and collaborates with stakeholders, such as governments, universities of applied sciences (NL) / university colleges (FL), research universities, and representatives of student organisations and umbrella organisations in the Netherlands, Flanders, Europe and beyond concerning the quality and the quality assurance of (international) higher education.

At the Board level, NVAO periodically consults with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Flemish Government and the Flemish Minister of Education, and with the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science. Twice a year, NVAO participates in the consultations held between both ministers (Committee of Ministers). NVAO also regularly consults with the Dutch and Flemish Ministries of Education.

Within the feedback group in Flanders, NVAO organises the consultation held with the Ministry of Education and Training, the Flemish Council of Universities and University Colleges (VLUHR), and the National Union of Students in Flanders (VVS) about the development of the Flemish accreditation system. NVAO is an observer in the VLUHR Steering Group on learning outcomes. With the Dutch quality assessment agencies and the Flemish quality assessment agency VLUHR-KZ, NVAO periodically discusses the implementation of the external assessment processes.

At several levels, NVAO maintains contact with the Dutch and Flemish umbrella organisations, i.e., the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), the Council of Flemish University Colleges (VLHORA), the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Platform for Recognised Private Training Institutions (NRTO), the Dutch organisation for international collaboration in higher education (Nuffic), NARIC Flanders, and the student organisations, i.e., the Dutch National Students Association (ISO), the Dutch National Union of Students (LSVb), and the National Union of Students in Flanders (VVS). 

NVAO works with the Flemish Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Training (AKOV), the Netherlands Inspectorate for Education, the Flemish Education Council (VLOR), and the Dutch Education Council.